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Currently we are recruiting:

1 Healer
4 Ranged DPS

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np, ty for the heads up
folks i won't be able to make it tonight :/ something came up... 22/04/2014
i think he means where
ahhh were the healers gone
Hi guys how do I join da opps team :D
Ka'eel help me , Widg is bullying me into healing =)
guy's my modem gave out on me yesterday, i picking up a new one tomorrow :-s
guess whos back ,back again.

Welcome to the Website of Disconnected!

Disconnected is an Empire SWTOR Ops guild on the European "Red Eclipse" server, formally on Nightmare Lands, formally known as Renegade on Bacca's Blade.

We are building a team for HM Operations.

Guild Masters: Widglee  Vacant

Officers: Bubah  Ka'eel

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We're Back!

Vacant_, Apr 8, 14 2:27 PM.
You read that right, after a two year break we are back!

After a bit of catch up, all story modes are complete and we're preparing for Hard Mode!

Eight of us went into Dread Fortress Hard Mode to see whats up, and after a few wipes we took down Nefra.

Then, (after a bit of messing about) got passed the puzzle, and made some progress on Gate Commander Draxus.

Shadow takes down Kephess to complete EC HM!

Vacant_, Aug 13, 12 4:02 PM.
Well we finially did it. Kephess down, EC HM cleared!

Congratulations Shadow Team! (and a big thanks to Huka and Molovo)

Friday night 16 man Ops team finishes EV hard mode!

Vacant_, Jul 27, 12 5:47 PM.
A few beers, a few laughs, and some loot. See you next friday!

Shadow takes down Colonel Vorgath!

Vacant_, Jul 16, 12 6:28 PM.
3rd Boss down in Explosive Conflict Hard Mode and progress made on Kephess!

Excellent work Shadow team!


Infernious, Jul 5, 12 4:07 PM.
In a Stunning 3 try fight TOG defeats The Minefield Encounter on Explosive Conflict Hard Mode!!!! Well Done "The Other Guys" !!!! (proves Snow wasn't our worth) 

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